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Nobody's started a topic yet so I thought I'd get in there and put down some times/places.

Weekends are precious to me so I'd prefer something closer to home, perhaps the Loch Venacher/Katrine route or Techmech's Perth route again (inc. scampi lunch, natch).

Do we have any advances on that? Or perhaps a run round Fife, can Jane/HlaB/Satan's Budgie help out there?

Here's a doodle poll giving available dates. I'll add a poll once we get a few routes sorted.


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Ah, good, someone cracked at last... :evil:


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hehe ... I was about to give in ...:whistle:

Well done Eldudino! Any of these route would be great; we COULD add a new option which takes in some of the easier (& quieter) Ochil Hills roads, or some sort of "Round the Forth/2 Bridges" route. I haven't done either, but know other Ecossers cycle round these places regularly ..
just an idea.

Much as I enjoyed the Perth route last year, the trouble (for those relying on trains) is that you need to reserve bike spaces, which is tricky during the holiday season, especially at weekends. We tried to get to Aviemore a few weeks ago, no chance! And I have heard nightmare stories from colleagues who HAD booked spaces and were refused boarding, as someone else (without reservations) had already taken their spaces (Edinburgh/Inverness line). Whereas the Stirling/Glasgow&SPT/Fife Circle trains are just "hop-on", and if you can't get on one train, there'll be another one soon after...

Looking forward :biggrin:, hope I can make the chosen date ...



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Just a wee thought. I'm taking part it a jogle on a 7 seater bike . The 2 legs I'm doing r Friday 6th aug braemar - Dundee and nxt day sat 7th aug from Dundee to Edinburgh . It's for cancer research uk . They r still looking for riders to take part in various legs ( these 2 as well ) so if any of u fancy it visit for more info and route details . But if any of u would like to "escort" us along any part of the route it might make a nice run and fun .
Just a wee thought . Ps it's an amazing lookin machine have a look


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I'm easy on the location but will see how I get on in the coming few weeks as a bit of a crash at Glentress 2 weeks ago and I'm still far from being okay. after a jump I crashed and landed on my side hitting my hip shoulder and head - helmet has large crack and dent on the side from a rock that would have cracked my skull behind my ear - thank goodness for Bell helmets! Got back up after a few mins of seeing stars and kept on riding although in some pain - couldn't let my son down as he had been so looking forward to it. By the time I got back home I could hardly walk. Next 3 days, lots of pain and unable to walk. Tomorrow will have a wee ride around Loch Lomond on my bike to try and loosen myself up a bit and get back to light weight training. Will be fine just taking longer to get over things being an old git.

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You're not giving us much to work with, Jane!
Well anywhere I can either drive to ( Fife ) or cycle to ( fairly local 'ish 20 mile radious )


work on that? lol


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I'm not available in August at all.

Away on holidays on the first 2 weekends, then the Pitlochry 200K audax followed the next weekend by the Ken Laidlaw and possibly another audax on the last weekend of August.

I'm planning a biggish ride this Sunday out Comrie, Crieff, Perth way if anyone is interested? Not got down to the fine detail of an actual route yet:unsure:


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I'm planning a biggish ride this Sunday out Comrie, Crieff, Perth way if anyone is interested? Not got down to the fine detail of an actual route yet:unsure:
Can't join you, I'm afraid; family event down in North Yorks = no cycling for me this weekend. :sad:
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