Scotland : The Highlands CC Ecosse Lochs and Glens Tour #CONFIRMED#


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UPDATE: ###one Ladies place available, PM me for details###

Ok, having discussed this before (and me being distracted with a sick doggie) I think we need to gauge interest in a 2015 tour. The details are listed below (copied from the suggestions thread):

@Edwardoka's original suggestion:
I've plotted the route for the Lochs and Glens - but I've replaced the section between Glasgow and Balloch with a trip over the Queen's View. (It can go back if people aren't sick to death of that route by now :thumbsup:)

There is a pretty rough offroad section, but we can route around it if there is will within the group (although it would mean a. missing out on the spectacularly named Loch Drunkie and b. riding on the somewhat busy road on the north shore of Loch Venachar)

@Fubar's Provisional CONFIRMED Tour Plan:
here is the accommodation itinerary:

DAY 1, THURS 13 AUG - CALLENDAR: We are booked into the Callendar Hostel with a 1x8-Bed Dorm for the Gents and 1xFamily Room for the Ladies.
DAY 2, FRI 14 AUG - PITLOCHRY: Booked into Pitlochry Backpackers Hostel, 1x5-Bed Dorm, 1xTwin Room and 1x4-Bed Dorm.
DAY 3, SAT 15 AUG - NEWTONMORE: Newtonmore Hostel and we have the whole hostel available for the Gents with the Ladies utilising the House.
DAY 4, SUN 16 AUG - INVERNESS: SYHA Inverness Hostel, 1x6-Bed Dorm & 1xTwin Room for the Gents, 1x4-Bed Dorm for the Ladies.
DAY 5, MON 17 AUG - INVERNESS TO HOME: by whatever means!

We are planning to follow Sustrans Route 7 though as @Edwardoka is the only one (that I know of) that has cycled the route we are relying on his navigational skills. Either that or we follow the signs... :whistle:

##For anyone else reading this there is one Ladies place available, PM me for details##
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It didn't make sense posting my preferences in the OP so here goes my availability:

Away on leave until 13 July and probably not popular if I disappear straight away so: 24-27July, 31July-3Aug, 14-17Aug, 28-31Aug.

Fubar #1 is also interested in attending on her newly aquired cross bike so potentially two of us! Please feel free to post up other dates, though if I'm not going I won't be doing the donkey work!

Cheers, M


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Can't say just yet :scratch:, but late August is definitely out for me.



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Giving this a bit more time to see if any further interest, how do we feel about the midge issue? @Edwardoka you've done the ride, big problem??

@Pat "5mph" are any of your Belles likely to be interested??
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