Changing gear on a Triban 3


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Sorry about the stupid question, l have just bought the above bike, have not ridden one for years. have not got a clue how the gear change works. Went out on it this morning pressed the little levers on the brake levers gently down expecting the gears to changed and nothing happened. Before I phone decathlon and make a fool of myself am I missing something I should be doing. I would be grateful for quick replies as I need to contact them if somethings wrong.

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Press the brake lever inwards to change up, and if it's lower end Shimano STI there is a lever on the inside of the brake hood to change down. You do need to be pedalling for the gears to change.


Hi, total newb here so forgive me but I still don't quite understand how to change gears on my Triban 3.
I assumed it was the little thing sticking out on the left but that's not working x_x



Hahaha! I'm ashamed to admit that I took pressing the brake lever inwards as simply squeezing the brake lever... Which of course just caused me to slow down...

I've figured it out now though, thanks!


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I had the same thing when I picked up my roadie. Looking back, me and the father-in-law standing in the garden pressing random bits trying to get the gears to move was hilarious.
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