Charge any device as you ride- $129


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I think that is actually a good idea. Discreet too!
glenn forger

glenn forger


I love the Hammerhead too, I think that will be popular if they get it right:


How neat is that? Hook up to GPS and away you go, a traveling power station.


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Okay in a dry, warm place I guess but in the wet and grit of the UK? I doubt it. Anyway why meachanical when solar is the way forward - I'd be interested in anything that charged my phone on multi-day trips. We tried a cheapo Chinese solar charger on C2C but it was garbage and didn't even work at home in the garden.

The GPS-powered direction thingy above looks as if it would sell well in Lakeland, which is a shop full of solutions looking for a problem.


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Buy a Shimano hub dynamo. Either ready built into a wheel or to build in yourself. They can be had from as little as £25 from ebay or the likes of Rose bikes. I bought a ready built one with a basic but functional rim for under £40

Front headlights are also available with usb charging capability, or something like a Biologic module. Weather proof and reliable. Perfect for commuting and touring.
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