Cheap and durable commuter?


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Hi guys/girls,

I'm after a commuter to go to and from work on daily (100 miles a week). I've been doing it for the last 4 months however I'm really racking mileage up on my road bike so would like something cheap (very cheap) just to soak up the miles. Not fussy in the slightest as long as its pretty durable. Looked at some old CB's as they seem cheap but thought someone here would have a far better idea. Fixie isn't any good as its very hilly. I'll be after buying second hand. :cheers:

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Carrera subway seems to be the go to choice i think


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The subways are cracking , the decathlons are good value as well.
Obviously the subway is a bit more expensive as they are aluminium frames so a bit lighter, mine can can up to a nice speed on the flat and like any MTB its the hills are a bit harder but on my 10 mile each way commute its been great and around only 2 mins slower each way compared to my vanquish road bike which is the normal commuter.


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I ride a 40 year old elswick road bike to work daily. About 100miles commuting then extras take it up to 200 miles on it a week. 7-speed. Only 1 chain ring, so it's simple as to look after. Replaced wheels etc because they were old and worn, but you might have to do that on a cheap bike anyway. (I used to snap spokes weekly on my Viking). If you see a retro road bike that's already had a few upgrades, could be onto a winner


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I think the Subways are 14-15kg too, so not much in it if anything
Indeed not a lot in it, the subway replacement(axle) is 14.2 according to the blurb and the rock rider is 14.5
£199 Vs £120
Tourney vs sis
thumb vs twist shift
pannier mounts vs none
I just wanted to give the OP another choice .


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@Turbo my answer would be second route all the way , like @iggibizzle i commute daily on what ever retro road bike is on commuting duties current machine is a late 70's Carlton Corsair that cost less than both of the new bikes suggested .

and for the last couple of weeks its also been used for pleasure rides , so its racking up the miles and doing a grand job
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