Chris Boardman's take on helmets

Discussion in 'Helmet Discussions' started by machew, 9 Aug 2015.

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  1. srw

    srw It's a bit more complicated than that...

    Unlikely, unless you're also going to ban people walking and wild animals from the roads. I think self-driving cars will encourage more people to ride - but there's another 20 years until they're even vaguely common.
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  2. Just back from touring the Netherlands and Belgium, on the ship coming back we met a German couple who had bought helmets because they thought everyone wore one in the UK. They were quite apprehensive about riding on our roads so we rode with them for the first few miles on the A120 before turning on to a quiet B road.
    All very depressing, but at least he didn't wear his.
    One other interesting point to note, in Belgium all the cyclists riding a drop handlebar bike wore helmets and those with straight bars didn't, even when riding together, hilarious.
  3. Yes, and every one of them was immaculately kitted out in club / pro team colours, never saw one in a plain top or a top that didn't match the shorts. We stopped with many families who had a less than favourable view on the roadies who they found to be "arrogant". It was obvious that we presented them with a puzzle, riding what appeared to be road bikes but with panniers and in dr_pink's case wearing lycra. Much the same in the Netherlands, so it was something of a surprise to the roadie crossing Flevoland when we caught and passed him, he held on for a few miles about 20 metres back but dr_pink was on a mission and he couldn't hang on, great fun.
    Apologies for derailing the thread, I do for the most part agree with CB but wish he would stop being a hypocrite putting his name to helmets.
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