Christmas Day Ride?


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I was reading a cycling magazine the other day and they had a little pie chart showing 50% of cyclists will got out for a ride on Christmas Day!
Now I was thinking that's a large number of people out on their bikes on such a family orientated day, so out of curiosity how many of you will be out for a ride???


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Who do they call a cyclist. I can't imagine half of all people who ride a bike will do so on Xmas day

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Quote from the magazine...." You bet, Christmas Day is the perfect chance for an all-day century ride on quiet roads" and they say it's actually 51% will do this!
Not on Christmas day ( going to ride myself just a few miles to my friend's) but on New Year's day I will lead my ladies cycling group for a long ride on quiet roads.


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I'll be out for a quick ride in the morning for sure. I did it last year and despite being caught in a brief hail storm, I felt much better for it. At least I'd done something good with the otherwise dull day of over indulgence and sitting on my arse!
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Ive just remembered how exciting it was as a kid to get a bike for Christmas . I'm getting excited just thinking about it :hyper:


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It won't be any serious mileage, but I'll be getting a few cycling related gadgets so I'll be out in the morning, just like every other over excited kid on their new bike!

Clipless pedals might render me inside and bruised for the rest of Christmas though. :blush:


No chance of me cycling on christmas day.will be stuck in the kitchen preparing and cooking breakfast and dinner
I tend to do any rides of note, when I'm least likely to encounter the Clark Kent's. I wait until the weather looks un appetising to the majority, then I go for a long ride. Christmas Day will be a squirrel fest, I'll be at home munching away on a nice goose and trimmings, then watching the queen abdicate.


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Not a chance of me being out on my bike. OH will murder me if I went in the morning because that's our time apparently. After dinner (at 1:30pm I believe) I won't be fit to ride a bike so that's the rest of the day gone. Unless I go out tomorrow (probable) it'll be the 29th before I get on a bike again after today.


Cycling doesnt need to be a selfish pursuit, for many it can be a family activity too. The Christmas day ride is a bit of a tradition in my family at least!
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