Who's riding Christmas Day?


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As long as it's not howling it down with rain, we'll be out for a ride. Not necessarily a long ride but maybe a quick hour out.


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I plan to do a 25 mile ride in the morning (maybe more if I am up earlier). Looking dry but breezy on the forecast.


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For me Christmas day is traditionally a day for walking boots, not bikes.

Hope the weather's nice, whatever you choose to do, even if it's just watching telly.


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It won't happen here either. OH will want to get up and open presents straight away. I may have a window of one hour between doing what the OH wants and going out for Christmas dinner (after which I won't physically be able to get on a bike) and any suggestion of using that time for riding will be shot down.


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I am going to try to blag an hour out in the morning to hammer a quick 20mile loop around the back of Tatton. Dinner will be late afternoon and presents will be early, so I am fairly hopeful.

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If only I could. Father and brother staying over Christmas so I don't think I would be popular if I cleared off leaving Lady Skol to cope with them +2 kids +cooking the dinner.

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