Christmas - what are you giving your other half?


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We aren't spending a lot.
I bought my husband a new wedding band as he lost his while packing our loft in the summer.
It's a tungsten carbide ring with a celtic dragon design which he is already wearing as I had to get the size right.
I have also got a few small things I know he'll like; his favourite popcorn from Zaramamas, a sharpener for his razors, chocolate and a couple of photography books.

Tonight he is working (all the holidays in fact!).
So, I have slipped something into his work bag in an envelope marked 'open at mid-night'.
Are you intrigued yet? :laugh:

I recently wrote a song. I was struggling to write the music but finally got that finished last week, so recorded it (not professionally!) and stuck it on a flash drive, set to a slideshow of photos.
Who said romance is dead? :laugh:


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We don't buy each other gifts, instead we go out for a fancy meal with a bottle of really good wine


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We don't really buy much anymore.

Although the other day my wife realised she could do with a pair of large over the ear headphones for watching films on her tablet.

Santa might be leaving something under the tree for her. :smile:


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Leggings and a base layer top for her commute, and this....


Shes going to love it :smile:


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We don't buy each other Christmas presents as we never really need anything. But we do treat ourselves to something out of the joint account.

I saw yesterday that there is a bike show on in Amsterdam at the end of January and so a long weekend is looking good.

Our Christmas is tonight and we are just leaving to have dinner with 20 family members.

Merry Christmas to you all.


I've got her a few things - to the outsider they would not appear particularly exciting or romantic but they are things that I know she'll love and that she wouldn't have bought for herself. This year I've made a real effort on the wrapping as well, ribbon, bows the works! I'm so excited about tomorrow. We're about to light the fire, break out the drinks and sit down to a game of Monopoly with the kids.

Happy Christmas everyone.


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Luckily for me I got some shopping in early, as I have not been able to get out to the shops since Friday. She is more excited that I have told her she can have a spend at the sales, so we will make a nice day of that.

She normally does quite well as I enjoy treating her.


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I've just been reminded that we were supposed to be getting some new fish as our tank's nearly empty.

So she's said we'll be having some of these as a joint present after Christmas.
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