City Link has gone into administration


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Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere but just saw this on the BBC website.

"UK parcel delivery company City Link, which employs 2,727 people, has gone into administration.

The company, owned by investment firm Better Capital, called in administrators on Christmas Eve after years of "substantial losses".

It stopped accepting parcels from customers at its head office and transport hub in Coventry, its three other transport hubs and 53 UK depots.

Administrators warned of "substantial redundancies" over the coming days.

This is because no buyer has been found to save the company.

Operations will be suspended at all the company's depots until Monday when customers and recipients will be able to collect their parcels."


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A shame for all the people they employ but considering their track record not surprising, wouldn't be at all surprised if Yodel were next.


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Not surprised. I worked across the road from a warehouse and one of the sales reps would come over to help out in the rink...we needed to ship something one day and he recommended everyone but his own employer lol


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Who else will companies find to chuck deliveries over a fence/gate even when you are at home awaiting a 'delivery' of something you have spent a lot of money on (and taken a day off work to receive the purchase) GOOD RIDDANCE.:cursing:


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The timing is awful.
Yes it often is :sad:

10 years ago next week I got made redundant and went self employed, xmas is a popular time for it to happen unfortunately. After working for the company for 15.5 years and helping take it from a small business to a multi-million pound company in 5 countries and I didn't even get a thank you from the MD.


I am not a member, I am a free man !!!!!!
The like is an empathetic like not an I'm pleased like.
Dont worry getting made redundant was the best thing that ever happened to me. In 10 years I have gone from been 10's of thousands of pounds in debt to where I will have cleared all my personal debt ( not including the mortgage - that's next :thumbsup: ) by the end of January, sometimes its the kick up the arse you need.


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Piss-poor management ultimately loses a lot of people their jobs, the ones that'll be ok will probably be the ones that ruined it.


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The staff have my sympathy. Couple of months back I was visiting Southampton Mail Centre (where I'm likely to be working from sometime in March, Pompey is shutting down) on the same day as our CEO Moya Greene. In a short Q&A (previous group overran) she said that a lot of parcel firms were pursuing market share at the expense of sustainability & that it couldn't last. This might well be the first of many....


Feel for the staff and their families.

Surprising development - They brought in some heavy hitters into management since about 5 months ago and set aside £40m since April 2013 when the new owners who are specialist in re-structuring came in. This more so as it is in the fastest growing sector.

My guess is that their cost base is high and unable to compete in the current aggressive pricing scene.


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I heard on R4 recently that the drivers can be expected to do 40 or more deliveries a day for not much money, so that fact that they sometimes risk leaving parcels behind the gate isn't surprising. That's what you get if you allow the so-called free market to drive services like this.
I think that the going rate was £0.65 to £0.85 per delivery and each delivery could take up to three calls to find someone in so it's in the interests of the drivers to deliver come what may on the first drop. There's no petrol allowance or hourly rate for the self employed 'lifestyle couriers' who do a lot of the deliveries.
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