Claude Butler Milano 2008 - good starter cycle?


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Hi all,
New to the forum and a long time since I have cycled so need to get back upto speed with the terminology and kit.
I'm 50, my son is 20, both want to get into some road cycling, me for fitness, my son same, but likely to be more serious and may wish to join a club etc.
I have been offered a lightly used 2008 Claude Butler Milano for £200, with a spare pair of wheels thrown in.
Is this a good deal for us to share for the use we will give it?

Ivan Ardon

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If it's the one with the carbon fork and 18 speed Sora gears, it's very similar to the 2008 Specialized Allez 18.

£200 sounds a good price if it's genuinely in good order, and (most importantly) it fits you and you can get comfortable on it. I'm a little younger than you and I can't cope with a full-on racer any more.
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