Cleaning the cassette-what methods have you found helpful?

I sometimes take the wheels off so I can clean the hidden area of the frame. This also gives full access to the brake blocks without removing them. With quick release scewers it's a breeze.

A set of small bottle brushes works quite well for cleaning in between the brake mechanisms.

But, what about the cassette? The best I have come up with is several lengths of garden twine/string. I pull a length back & forth between each gear and it works quite well even if a bit tedious.

So, anyone got any unique ways of cassette cleaning?


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I use an old CD wrapped in cloth doused with Mr Sheen. Works wonders.


Old micro fibre cloth and simply slot it between the cogs and rub back and forth.
A quick spray with wd40 or a similar product will loosen grime


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Take it off the wheel and put it in the dishwasher and then in the microwave at full power to dry it off.

Only joking, don't put it in the microwave.


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Take cassette off bike throw it in a bowl of degreaser ,swish around a bit use paintbrush ,rinse under tap.Allow to dry. Re fit on bike looking like a new one.

In between times I cut rags into strips fold them and pull back and for between cogs.I wouldn't put degreaser anywhere near the hubs.


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If I take the wheel out to clean then it's rag strips (old socks are great but I don't wear out socks fast enough to use them all the time) and work it between the cogs. If not - which is most of the time because I'm lazy- then it's a soapy washing up brush and nice hot water.


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Cassette off, drop it into a suitably sized container with diesel in it. Swish the cassette about, leave to soak for half an hour, swish about again, maybe use a brush if you're really particular; remove from diesel bath and rise with hot soapy water, replace on bike.
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