Clipless Moment #1


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Margate, Kent
Well it has happened! Last night I had my first clipless moment while actually out on a ride (rather than when I first tried clipless pedals leaning up against a wall and lost my balance and fell away from the wall!). :blush:

I am still in a bit of shock about it really and still a bit confused as to how I managed it but as I approached a busy junction I clipped out and and I think I just left my foot to close to the pedal. As I stopped I somehow clipped back in again! I knew I was going over and there was nothing I could do about it. I think I had a twinge of embarrassment before I even hit the deck although nothing compared to when a young lady stopped next to me and wound her window down to check on my welfare, at least she tried not to laugh. :whistle:
So I have a grazed knee, a bruised shoulder and an even more bruised ego but at least the bike is basically undamaged!
I must say it has knocked my confidence a bit, I did take a route home that would mean clipping out as little as possible but I guess the confidence will grow again soon enough.


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just keep at it.. it soon comes second nature.
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