Close calls: confess, or keep it to yourself?


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Do you tell your partner (or your dog, if you otherwise live alone) about close calls? (Cats obviously wouldn't be too sympathetic, nine lives and all). Was thinking about this after an incident the other day when I signalled to turn right but the only concession by the speeding motorist was to swerve to avoid my arm as he passed. So I wasn't so much a SMIDSY as a SMIIAH [Sorry Mate I'm In A Hurry]. I wouldn't say it was particularly close, though if I'd gone ahead with my threat to turn I'd probably be pushing up daisies sooner than expected.

I pondered the wisdom of sharing my little anecdote even as I was mentioning it to my wife; there have been several times in the past when she's ended up visiting me in the emergency room, though none of them a result of being hit by a car. (Well, not while cycling.) Her eyes got wide in that endearing way she has of telling me that this was a mistake. Fortunately I managed to convince her that it actually wasn't it a close call, at least for me: in fact the motorist had been the one in danger, as the grief of nearly killing a cyclist may have caused him to start drinking heavily after he got home, go off the rails as only someone troubled by one too many demons can really do well, and force his wife and his dog to leave him shortly afterwards.

What about you? Do you keep these little events to yourself, or do you throw caution to the wind?
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An interesting question. I tend to keep quiet about those little incidents. If I came close to Death, I might just mention it. It's not something that your family could understand if they don't ride a bike, so why burden them with your angst?

Edit: I don't wish that to sound like a criticism.
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Really minor stuff, sometimes, when I'm chatting about my day, other stuff in the middle range not always. The stuff that really shakes me up then yes - normally as I'm fairly het up about it.

It's not that he'd stop me, just that I don't want to worry him. Sometimes I find myself recounting my day and I do a quick mental shall I include that bit or just gloss over it moment. I'm the talker of the two of us so I do tend to keep spilling the info. There are definitely some I have withheld.


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It's like in the news today - there's a big fuss because an Air France plane nearly crashed into a mountain.

But didn't.


I tend to only mention the amusing incidents and keep the near death experiences to myself no point in letting her worry every time I venture out on the bike


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In my wife's mind, incidents which happen to others could have happened to me, whether it is for example a diving death or cycling accident. A state of mind not helped by her being involved (innocently), in two serious road crashes, one of which included one of my children.
The joyfull moments are relayed, but some things are better left unspoken about. :smile:

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Schtum for me, my better half tells me constantly she's worried 'about the other road users', which I hope is a back-handed kind of compliment.

Depends on the worry level of your partner I guess.
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