cloth's for one week's camping.


what clothes do you folks reckon i should take for one week's touring in the uk in july.:tongue: i was thinking of this
2 pair cycling bibs shorts,
1 cycling jersey,
3 base layers ,1 long sleeve can also be used as t shirts...
1 gilet,
light trousers for evening
jersey keep warm ,
rain jacket ,
rain pants.
pair crocks.
am i missing anything thank's.:wacko:

Alan Whicker

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Midweight fleece? Never go away without mine. Great warmth to bulk ratio, and they dry quickly.

Also a Buff/bandana - millions of uses, not least in keeping the sun off your neck. I've even used a bandana as a 'bath towel' :tongue:.


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Socks -tuck your trousers in them - stops feet being bitten by mozzies; gloves. Underwear? well I would take underwear! Hope the weather is good for you, but it is often chilly and damp at night in UK.


thanks folks .never thought of bandana see if i can buy one.
thanks babs yes i do have the underwear sorted i don't mind the cold as long as the rain stays away.
I wouldn't bother with rain trousers, if I were you.

If it's absolutely lashing it down then you probably will be under cover somewhere, and if it's light rain/drizzle, and presumably warm, then the trousers, whilst protecting you to a certain extent from the rain, will lead to overheating and moderate/heavy sweating.

Bib shorts with leggings should be a good combination in a shower.


cheers dayvo i know what your saying but emm rather take them along when we get to campsite i will only have one pair of light trousers so i dont want them getting soaked.
just in case we decide to go for a meal.
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