Compulsory lid legislation?

Discussion in 'Helmet Discussions' started by Drago, 24 Nov 2017.

  1. mjr

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    I strongly suspect that no-one involved in that sick pic is doing it to be ironic and they've done it because they don't understand helmets, how they're supposed to work or the potentially severe consequences of an ill-fitting one... Too many people seem to think helmets are magic hats and just plonking one on the head any old how is sufficient to save the wearer from head injury. :cry: These are the people who could ruin everything.
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  2. Jon George

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    I think it was in The Seventies that there were a series of TV plays revolving around the theme of 'Against The Crowd' - people going against the prevailing view. I sometimes feel I have lived my life imitating that idea. (Don' get me started about isolating it was at the time to apparently be the only person in Ipswich who understood that the start of The Millennium would be in 2001 and not in 2000.)
    Probably as a result of my interest in the truth, I stopped wearing a cycling helmet two/three years ago and have no end of arguments since from people who believe they know what the facts are. (Initially, I was reminding people of a Mark Twain quote: 'It is easy to fool someone, than it is to convince them they have been fooled', until I bothered to do my own research and found it's likely he didn't actually say that, at all. Oh, the irony.)
    All things being equal, I expect that it will be made compulsory in my lifetime - I will not stop cycling, and I doubt I could be principled enough to face any prosecution for not wearing one, but I will find a way of protesting.
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    It may appear that it's middle aged men who are the most vocal (they tend to be about just about any topic), but when Australua brought in MHLs, the demographic with the greatest fall in cycling rates was teenage girls.

    Being vocal and having behaviour affected are not necessarily linked.
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  4. FishFright

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    But does that say I'm incorrect or are Australian teenage girls obsessed with their hair? Random stats without context say nothing at all .
  5. mcshroom

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    It says stop trying to belittle the other side of an argument to you by relying on an unreliable stereotyping of your opponents
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    I cycle faster on the road than on the bike path, even the new super smooth bike paths. But I'm happy the bike path exists for the slower riders and for children.

    However that's where government intervention should stop: use our tax money to provide the facilities then stay out of our hair (whoa i blew myself a pun!).

    To be fair, I'd feel strange getting on a motorbike without a helmet. I'd also feel weird getting in a car without a seatbelt. Both of those are required by law yet for some reason I feel like cyclists should be left alone to make their own choice because we don't ride as fast as motorcyclists; perhaps everyone who travels using any form of transport should wear a helmet... Seatbelts haven't prevented car fatalities so maybe the next step should be seatbelts plus helmets... Who knows?
  7. thegravestoneman

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    The simple solutions are and always will be education and enforcement of the existing laws, there is no appetite for either. Teach new drivers about cycling test, them on the test, enforce the laws on both motorists and cyclists and it will all improve.
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