Compulsory lid legislation?

Discussion in 'Helmet Discussions' started by Drago, 24 Nov 2017.

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    Please do not derail the thread into a party politics debate. Politics Debated is the place to go. Thank you.
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  2. YukonBoy

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    Great piece shame it was not printed
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  3. mjr

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    Most people would assume that the Highway Code was based on evidence, but this H&H shoot is already in there. Freedom of choice needs vocal support in the consultation because the forcing zealots will definitely be sowing their misinterpreted research into it.
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  5. SteveF

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  6. mjr

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  7. SteveF

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    12 year old girl, riding on the pavement, went over the handle bars and into the road where a car went over her and trapped her.

    The girl is making the appeal, the video is quite slick and designed to tug at the heart strings, it will definitely appeal to some people.
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  8. mjr

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    So what's the relevance of a helmet? Did the car trap her head? And does no-one mention that helmet manufacturers warn they don't protect against cars?
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  10. Siclo

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  11. SteveF

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    Perhaps have a look when you get time. Reason I dropped it here was it's about compulsion (which I'm against) and it was very prominent on the BBC news landing page.
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  12. MiK1138

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    Wish I'd worn my helmet on my elbow when I came down on black ice this morning OWEEEE
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  13. FishFright

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    Emotive rubbish? Not from the point of a young girls who's life was saved by wearing one.

    Are you going to write to her to let her know how she was spouting rubbish ?
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  14. snorri

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    Just yesterday I heard a BBC presenter being unwilling to accept a controversial point made by a speaker in the studio, his reason being there was no one present to put an opposing view.
    It's a pity the BBC do not have a similar policy in regard to controversial articles on their website.
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