Compulsory lid legislation?

Discussion in 'Helmet Discussions' started by Drago, 24 Nov 2017.

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    Dunno... probably not. It depends
    I sometimes cycle on the pavement and I will jump a red light if it's midnight and there's no other vehicles around... some laws are optional in my book.
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  3. Profpointy

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    Although it's presumably a tongue in cheek though experiment it would likely save lives, especially pedestrian lives. It is a horrible injustice that those outside the car have to suffer the risk without any benefit whilst those inside are protected and get the benefit
  4. Profpointy

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    It would be good if legislation was based on evidence, but I remain cynical. So many of the pro-helmet organisations use dubious evidence and out and out lies. If you hadn't done any reading up on it you'd naturally assume helmets had a safety benefit, as did I before I looked into it a bit more. A lot of safety regulation is more about vested interest than actual safety in any case. Not all, granted, for the avoidance of doubt I am not proposing a return to pre-victorian health and safety regs
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  5. NickNick

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    There's a big difference between health & safety laws in the work place and those impacting people going about their day to day life imo.

    There is a disproportionate level of power as things stand between the employer and the worker, so there's good reason to have strong legislation that errs on the side of caution even if its not backed up by sound evidence, as there can be such a gap in time in being able to scientifically prove some of these risks. Your employer has the ability to withdraw you pay check and by default the roof over your head and more, that can force you take all sorts of risks that you are not comfortable with, legislation gives you a stronger chance of not having to take those risks. It therefore imo increases your personal freedom.

    I know some might argue "what about your freedom to take risks at work", but imo the number of people likely to be harmed by being forced to take risks they do not want to take will vastly outnumber those wanting to take those risks voluntarily.

    Outside of the work context however is a very different matter, legislation directly impinges your personal freedom and should only be supported if it protects others from your actions (e.g. speed limits on cars, drink driving, rules around cycling in shared spaces with pedestrians...)
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    I agree with every word of that
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    Not quite sure why or what you are arguing. You seem to be making the same point as me whilst attacking me for making the opposite point
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    That London
    Not attacking, but I was questioning why you think the Tories are custodians of freedom but lefties want to spoil everyone's fun with rules and a nanny state.
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    Mod note:

    Please do not derail the thread into a party politics debate. Politics Debated is the place to go. Thank you.
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    Most people would assume that the Highway Code was based on evidence, but this H&H shoot is already in there. Freedom of choice needs vocal support in the consultation because the forcing zealots will definitely be sowing their misinterpreted research into it.
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