Conti Ultra Sport

I'm looking for a new tyre. The existing front tyre (a conti 4 season) will be moved to the rear and the new tyre will go on the front. I can't really fault the 4 seasons, except I'm looking for something cheaper. My search has so far identified the Conti Ultra Sport. Does anybody use them, if so how do you find them?

Steve Austin

The Marmalade Kid
i've used them. not as good a ride as gatorskins or gp4000s, but they are cheap.

you can get gatorskins for £15ish which is my choice for cheap tyres


Sunny Brum!
ultra sports came on my boardmans.... so far soo gud, been commuting on them in london, they seem quick enough

I used to ride Michellin Kylions which were brilliant I was thinking of swapping for these but I dont see the point, the ultra sports are doing a fine job soo far. I guess Gators will be beter protected from punctures though...
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