Continental GP Tyres Rotation direction

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Tell your friend to do an elementary search here. The issue has been discussed here ad infinitum.
You’d need some serious measurement kit to be able to tell the difference. However, there will be a very slight difference. Marginal gains and all that:okay:


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This crops up from time to time and for some reason is quite an emotive subject.

Who would have guessed that it would be? Helmets? - yes I can understand that a contentious subject. The politics of cycling infrastructure provision? Naturally people will disagree. What is the best chain lube? People are going to have different opinions. But tyre rotation direction? Really?

It sometimes leads to angry exchanges about contact patches and a aquaplaning.

There have been lots of threads on this, try doing this google search:
Isn't the direction also for water shedding and grip, not just roll resistance ?
The bicycle tyre won’t / can’t aquaplane, so water shedding is not a consideration. Some of the newer designs of tyres have patterns on them which are designed to trap air / water against the tyre, as air / air, water / water is less draggy than rubber / air, rubber / water. However the wattage savings achieved, require very precise / lab controlled conditions to actually yield what some manufacturers claim.


The tiny Lazer etched thread on the GP5000 makes a difference ..really? Ought to turn mine round the right way and see what I am missing...on second thoughts probably not.

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No (measurable) effect. The patterns (it's not tread: it doesn't touch the ground) on the shoulder/side of some/most GP tyres has been suggested beneficially to affect the transition from laminar to turbulent flow on the top of the front tyre, thus minimally reducing air drag (not rolling resistance) at higher speeds eg 40+kph. But it's been suggested (and is probably true) that this is by accident and not by (Continental) design. And if this is an effect the rotation direction will not make a difference.
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