1. Velochris


    Used for about 20 miles, mostly off road. 2 tyres and 2 tubes. £30 Price includes postage within the UK, which will be deducted if collected (Blackburn, Lancashire).
  2. nmfeb70

    Continental Tyre Nightmare.

    Hi all, I recently ordered some Continental tyres for my Trek MTB (I know, I know, I should have bought Bontager and I have now). The Contis were an absolute nightmare trying to fit onto the rim. I broke 2 plastic levers so I had to use metal ones, pinching 2 tubes, and scratching my rim in the...
  3. T

    Continental GP5000TL

    After some research I am speccing a new bike with Continental GP5000 tubeless as opposed to Schwalbe G One Speed. Anyone using either of these and can comment ? Also I did prefer a maximum 30mm but the Continental is 28 or 32mm. So it would mean the smaller size
  4. DSK

    Continental GP5000 - how are you getting on with them?

    I only use Continental Gatorskin due to their puncture resistance. I need to get some new tyres and would be happy to try the GP5000 which, generally seem highly rated overall but I can't see many reviews from people who have used them for significant mileages and some are claiming that they...
  5. David_widnes

    Continental GP Tyres Rotation direction

    Quick one , how much is rolling resistance or effort required effected if the rotation direction of a tyre is fitted the wrong way , asking for a friend honest :whistle:
  6. Rooster1

    Having trouble with Tubless Rim and a Continental Gatorskin Tyre

    Hello. I cannot for the life of me get a new 25c Gatorskin on my Giant PR2 Wheel. The wheel came setup as Tubless, with Gavia tyres. The rear needs replacing so went for a Conti Gatorskin. Even using my Crank Brothers Speedier Lever plus other levers - just won't go on. Any advice appreciated.
  7. RamoRuon

    Continental Diesel MTB tyres 62-559 / 26" x 2.5 (lightly used) deadstock

    Continental Diesel MTB tyres 62-559 / 26" x 2.5 (lightly used) deadstock Bought these in Winter 2011 for riding in snow. They went on the bike (a disc-spec Subway) but the chainstays were marginally too narrow so rubbed the rear tyre slightly (see pic below where the wear is visible on the...
  8. Sbudge

    Continental GP5000 tubeless blow outs

    Anyone tried the new(ish) Conti tubeless variant? I've been trying a set out and while they ride well they do seem to be particularly sensitive to pressures. The Conti site quotes a recommended 65psi (for 28s) and a maximum of 94psi. I inflated mine to 78 psi in error and they just blew off...
  9. ikdo01

    2 * Continental Contact 2 Reflex City Tyre - 20" unused

    Bought in 2014 for commuting with my Dahon Helios Rolf Accel wheels, only to discover too late that they were the wrong size and I couldn't fit anything bigger than 28-406. Both unused - still with tags, 20 * 1 3/8 (37-406) £15 for the pair + P&P (or collect for free if in the Woking area)
  10. Distorted Vision

    Continental Grand Prix 4 Season Vectran vs Continental Gatorskin Tyres

    I'm looking at upgrading the stock Schwalbe Lugano on my new road bike as they are budget tyres and don't seem to have a good reputation. I'm mostly concerned for grip, wet weather performance and puncture resistance. I'm less concerned with weight and speed. I've been looking at the...
  11. Andy in Germany

    Schwalbe or Continental?

    I appreciate I may be starting an argument second only to a h*lm*t thread, but here goes... I've been happily using Schwalbe Marathon Plus and Marathon Plus Tour tyres for nearly a decade. In that time the only real punctures I had was one caused by 'user error' ie me overloading the Xtracycle...
  12. levarg

    Continental brakes - Wrong way round

    I'm based in the Czech Republic and the brakes on bikes here are the wrong way round. i.e. right lever is rear brake, and left is front. Took a little bit of getting used to at first. Anybody know why they are like this?
  13. TTSS

    SOLD -Pair of Continental Gatorskin Poly Breaker - 700 x 32c

    New and unused. Would much rather they were collected. £20 for the pair. Collection from the GL2 area of Hardwicke, Gloucestershire.
  14. Trigger369

    Continental gp 4000s 2.

    Continential gp4000s 2 tyres .Chain reactions selling them a pair for £30. What's the difference compared to my standard giant tyres on my contend ? Might buy them if it's an upgrade tho my giant tyres has plenty of life in them yet .
  15. D

    Continental GP 4000S 2's

    Seeing as the sun is set to be putting an appearance in today, I thought it would be nice to get the best bike out of hibernation, so on Saturday afternoon I started giving it a once over & inflate the tyres, this is where I noticed a small split in the tread of the rear tyre, I wasn't...
  16. GuyBoden

    Carlton Continental Frame (1970's)

    I picked up this 1970's Carlton Continental Frame locally, 25 1/2 inch. I'm hoping to build it into a Winter bike with parts mainly from another bike. Seems like a heavy, solidly built frame, "tru wel" tubing apparently (Carlton's cheapest gaspipe?) I've ordered a couple of Carlton...
  17. DCLane

    SOLD: Carlton Continental (?) 1970's, 57cm / 22" frame, 5 speed, £50, Dewsbury

    Another recent arrival but no storage means it's got to go. Covered here where CC members plus a few hours of searching have identified the bike probably as a Carlton Continental from about 1973. The bike has had a respray at some point, possibly originally red. Tyres hold air and it rolls...
  18. redfalo

    Conti, Schwalbe 406 tyres - NEW and UNUSED

    As I'm selling the bike using 406 tyres, I don't need the spares anymore. Turn out to be quite a few, all of them new and unsused, carefully stored indoors in dry and dark place. quick summary: 3 Schwalbe Durano 28-406 (folding tyre), 1 Conto ComfortContract 32-406 3 Schwalbe Durano 28-406...
  19. Andywinds

    Continental Grand Prix 4000S II puncture

    Hi, I had a puncture yesterday, and while out in the rain I rushed to fit new inner tube. By the time i got home the tyre was flat again. Upon closer inspection a sharp tiny piece of stone had embedded itself into the rubber and hit the tube. I thought these tyres were supposed to add an...
  20. Pottsy

    **SOLD**: pair Continental Grand Prix 4 season 25mm folding tyres

    Barely used, just a handful of miles so they look brand new. Call it £30 for the pair posted, UK only of course. A quick internet browse shows they look about £28-29 each new. I don't have PayPal or anything so it'll have to be a trust based transaction, you transfer the money and I'll mail...
  21. Racing roadkill

    Nightmare on Continental street ( yet again )

    This morning I grabbed my bike, and set off for Basinggrad. 4 miles in, the worse than rubbish Continental GP 4 seasons punctured (Yet again). So tyre comes off, tube comes out, tyre gets checked, a tiny piece of glass has gotten through the outstanding puncture protection (yet again). So I...
  22. e-rider

    A pair of Continental Mud King Protection MTB tyres 26x1.8 almost new

    RRP £100 selling for £40 NOW SOLD
  23. e-rider

    Continental 4 season tyres

    I have just bought a pair of Conti 4 seasons tyres in 700x23 After fitting the tyres one looked bigger than the other. I have attempted to measure them with a digital caliper and indeed one tyre measures about 2mm more. Both are labelled as 23mm, they are fitted to the same rims with the same...
  24. rugbyleaguebiker

    Now sold - Shimano rs10 wheelset, tyres tubes, skewers £40 Ono

    Shimano rs10 wheelset with continental duraskin tyres, tubes and shimano skewers, used but in good condition run true and smooth, these are now surplus was holding on to them for a self build project but can't see that happening, looking for £50 ono, ideally collected from Castleford West...
  25. rugbyleaguebiker

    Continental travel contact 26 x 1.75 tyre

    Have one going, these came with the bike but I have swapped for knobbly's on my mountain bike after an incident left the other one unusable. Nearly new condition, still has some of those bobbly bits on, now no use to me but someone might need it as a spare or instead of paying for a new tyre if...
  26. brommers

    How does a Pro Continental Team become a World Tour Team?

    If a PC team gets consistently good results can they get 'promoted' or is it about financial commitment/clout?
  27. Spiderweb

    Is there a better tyre than a Continental Gatorskin for a road bike?

    Mine have now done 6500 miles with one puncture. Because back tyres tend to wear more I swapped back to front after 3000 miles and they are still riding well. They may not be the lightest but I'm really impressed. Is there a better tyre for longevity and puncture resistance?
  28. gbs

    Wheels for disc brakes, ALEXRIMS XC ELITE, Continental Gator Hardshell

    This wheelset is from a recently purchased Genesis Croix de Fer, just over 1100kms since new. Compatable with Shimano group set. The tyres, 700x28, are equally fresh and have considerable remaining life. I am selling because I am very impressed by the disc braking system and have upgraded...
  29. S

    Continental Sport Contact 2

    The GLW needs a new set of tyres. She swears by the Sport Contact 1 of which she has used two sets to date as she knows that they are absolutely reliable for her style of urban riding - fast.:bicycle: The Contact 2s have a revised tread pattern and she is suspicious that they won't behave in the...
  30. Tin Pot

    Continental - versions

    I have just noticed the Gatorskin on my front and rear are different, but their web site doesn't seem to describe them. The front says Gatorskin the rear says ultra race Gatorskin. Which is more likely to prevent punctures? And what's the difference between a Tour and a Race inner tube? I've...
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