Corona Virus: How Are We Doing?

You have the virus

  • Yes

    Votes: 5 2.6%
  • I've been quaranteened

    Votes: 11 5.7%
  • I personally know someone who has been diagnosed

    Votes: 41 21.1%
  • Clear as far as I know

    Votes: 143 73.7%

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Oxford - ChAdOx1 nCoV19 trial
Do you know which stage of the trial you are getting involved with?


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Not that it's the most important thing in the world, but interesting to me at least.

Gyms can't open up 4th July, but my small(ish) gym has taken the decision to completely get rid of groups. So it will be personal trainers with 1s and 2s and that's it. No gym classes at all, layout downstairs changed. Although it sounds like the martial arts/classes side will remain (however that works???? especially as they generally have closer physical contact WTF???).

I can't see how that'd end up viable for leasing out to personal trainers, I reckon it'll close.

PT sounded like they were happy to be out of the rat race and travel, but they didn't actually say that.
Work is now largely back to normal after a bit if a scare involving clients in a residential home; one of the clients tested positive and the home went into immediate quarantine for two weeks. Now all are declared healthy and we just have to keep people 2m apart as much as is practical and in theory keep people wearing masks but that isn't always working as some of the clients don't understand why...


Right, I've had my vaccine, whatever it is. They took some more blood for antibody testing and genetics, and I got an unexpected extra swab up my nose, something to do with monitoring my mucus. They gave me my own little thermometer and a set of swabs for weekly PCR testing. Back in a month's time for more antibody tests and that's it for now. Unless I get ill in which case I've got a special number to ring because for some reason they think that it might be important for them to know.

Oh, and they gave me a sheet warning me not to say too much about it on social media...
Oh, and they gave me a sheet warning me not to say too much about it on social media...
That struck me as rather an unkind thing to say, until I realised that you really did mean "sheet". :rolleyes:
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