Corporal punishment. Yes or No

Bring corporal punishment back? Yes or no?

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No, National Service.


longers said:
No, National Service.

Another good option there,but if you stepped out of line you did get beat up,so getting beat up is better is it ?:blush:


I, like others of my generation, lived through the epoch in which chastisement at school was fairly routine.

My experience is that it was far more often threatened than administered. As such it was extremely effective as a form of intimidation, which was the primary purpose behind many teachers' threats, in my experience.

Deterrent? As a schoolboy, I'm not sure what I was being deterred from. Was being lectured by an irate games master on the cricket field, the game held up in the process, and all because I'd failed to hold a catch - did that have justifiable deterrent force? Did the threat to take me off the field and cane me, make me into a better player? (It didn't as it happens. Justice - of sorts - was served on the master in question - he died young of a heart attack a few years later).

No. Too many if's and but's here, a dangerous road to follow. But I do concede the point: what the hell do we do with our out-of-control yobbos? Are they more out-of-control than the teddy-boys, mods and rockers of my youth?


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Bourne End, UK
It was oft threatened and administered by the sadistic teachers at the all boys school I went to, until my parents had the sense to get me transferred.

I don't think it changed our behaviour one bit. I got caned across the hands couple of times and the resulting marks were a badge of honour. Other, less brutal physical punishments were commonplace.

It all just part of the acceptable culture of violence from staff and pupils that was a feature of the school.

My behaviour and academic achievements only improved on moving to a school where I was treated like a human being.


The poll is interesting so far,not much in it really.


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Our old gym master used to dish out a unique punishment to anyone who crossed him. After a few harsh words from him you`d have to do laps of the gym . He would then launch any missile that he could (football, netball etc.) until one had struck and knocked you into the wall bars! Double whammy! You would end up winded and with a lump on your head! Ah the good old days.


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Will1985 said:
Yes - National Service too (military or voluntary) works in other countries.
Which countries did you have in mind?

Those that I've spoken to about national service (from France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Holland) all viewed it as a total waste of their time which provided no benefit to their respective countries.


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It may work to a degree, I went to a Christian Brother School cane and pump on a regular basis. It wasn't threatened it was a given. The fear was in who was giving the cane with some being far worse than others.

Above all though we may have been a bit rowdy at times used to have a competition in Bro Kaireys class who could get the cane the most we had respect for all the Teachers whether they were Brothers or not and respect is what is missing from modern society.
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