Crash Helmets

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I believe hi viz clothing is a completely uncontroversial topic... :-)
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why oh why does everyone want to be steven spielberg....speaking of road safety can I recommend Alan partridge and his brilliant road safety video....crash bang wollop...


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Chaps, just a quick note to say that I have deleted my video. As some of you had rightly said, I had not done my research and this was a mistake. I have been reading up on the subject and am beginning to understand both sides of the debate. For the record, though, I personally will continue to wear a helmet.

Once again, I apologise for any offence caused and I hope that you will continue watching my other, less controversial videos.
Have a watch of the most recent episode of '24 Hours in A&E'. A 74-year-old woman falls five feet onto concrete, landing full on her face. The cuts are horrible, there's lots of blood, she has a black eye. No bones broken. No brain damage. And of course, no helmet, as you don't need one for gardening apparently. The human skull is tougher than you think.
1. This is a cycle forum, so therefore despite the fact that this type of head injury is far more common it is naughty to mention them

2. That a helmet prevents head injuries is eminently wise, sensible and devastatingly unequivocal and not wearing one is very silly..........until you suggest thatthe same protection would be given in a case like this when the opposite applies and wearing a helmet is an unsopportable and very silly idea

3. Head injuries like these somehow hurt less, are les traumatic for the victim and family and do not need to be prevented or mitigated
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