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...particularly on Twitter seems to have gone through the roof.

Don’t get me wrong, I swear on occasion rightly or wrongly, but swearing is commonplace and normal now it seems. It seems to get a ‘like’ or a ‘retweet’ you need to flower your statement with one or two well placed STRONG swear words. Why? What’s the issue with learning some expression through clever vocabulary?

It’s a nightmare with a 9 year old daughter hovering around my ears.

Explain the trend to a 45 year old has-been rebel.


I don't do the Twitter thing but I know from my work in a further education college, that if you take some young people's ability to swear off them, you take their ability to speak off them. Its even a constant battle to try and get them to realise that they sometimes need to tone it down to be heard, depending on their audience. They are only really interested in communicating with one another though, and certainly not a 45 year old former rebel. :okay:


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It's the E version of the idiot who hangs around the bike sheds at school, smoking and swearing to impress their mates. It's what happens when you give the power of public communication to people of low intellect - look at the comments under almost any YouTube video to see how low some will sink. The same phenomenon is happening now that everybody has the power to record video - most people being idiots, they film landscapes using their phones in portrait.


Fooked if i know..

My daughter in law, ultra intellectual, degrees, vet, micro biologist and other things, swears all the time..
I think its the face crap generation more than anything..

I dont swear at work but the young senior in the office 26 yr old is as foul mouthed as any builder ever would be.
She does the lot, even the C word, but it goes unchecked..
What do you do?

Their Internet stuff must be very choice at times


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I use my swear words in French. To the uneducated ear, it sounds better than English. Do be honest, I don't swear much either as I find it offensive.


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Even some articles on respectable sites like Huff Post can be peppered with swearing.
It does seem a little unnecessary but i suppose it gets you noticed in the ocean of other articles.


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Even some articles on respectable sites like Huff Post can be peppered with swearing.
It does seem a little unnecessary but i suppose it gets you noticed in the ocean of other articles.
Although I'm a devout Republican I've always admired the Guardian for the quality of its reporting, comment and editorial, if not their pinko commie political leanings.

Lately though I've binned it off. This is because the columnists have become downright nasty, using foul language and insults to describe those with whom they disagree. Nasty, vitriolic, utterly shocking language unbefitting what used to be a quality read, and proof that fascism thrives on both sides of the divide. The much derided Daily Mail doesn't even stoop that low, but no one - other than me - bats an eyelid when a Guardian columnists swears while describing someone.

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As @Slick above says, take away the ability to swear from certain people and they would lose the power of speech altogether.

They use swearing in the same way that people use other words strung together like "know what I mean" . It sounds almost like a mantra. They dont have the ability to use the appropriate words so just say the same inane drivel and it isn't only youngsters that are like that either.

I listened to one person that couldn't say more than 2 words without swearing. ^_^

I swear on occasion, but you can have too much of a good/bad thing.

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My neighbours are a nice family and when the kids come to our door they're polite and well-spoken, but the entire family swear like troopers when they're sitting out in their garden. Grandma, mum, kids, all of them. Every sentence is about effin' Cs and Bs. The kids aged 5 or so on the trampoline calling each other Cs while Gran swears at them. The language would make a brickie blush.


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I think there has been a rise in women swearing (in public and on public forums) due to the fact that in years gone by they weren't supposed to because it was not "lady-like". Quite rightly, many women are now thinking "if men can do it, why can't we?" and redressing the balance. I had this same conversation with my friend's wife who is a proud campaigner for women's rights, who incidentally got thrown out of a restaurant because she was arguing with her boss, very loudly, about why the c word isn't a swear word because it belongs to women.

But generally I suppose it's like a lot of things, people become de-sensitised to things once they are exposed to them more. I swear sometimes but I would never do so in public, and I cringe when other people do.
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