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Craig the cyclist

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We had a very interesting discussion over the weekend, especially around people who now admit to breaching the initial lockdown rules for, er, conjugal reasons!

Generally though, people felt closer to their partners, FWBs and general shag buddies and were probably at it more to feel that closeness with people they felt safe with as being close to other people had generally become much less avavilable. There has also not been the expected boom in babies conceived during the lockdown, although there has been an increase in pregnancies post lockdown!

So, are you getting more, less or generally the same? Has the pandemic changed your habits?
Been married 25yrs this month, what do you think!


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I'm thinking about coming a monk, I'm virtually celibate anyway :sad:


London, UK
I would be careful answering this in case there is a data breach like on... What's that website o think tinder. Those bafoons even used their actual email addresses!
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