Cycle lane out of Rome?


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Not really. You can go out along Tevere, but the difficult bit is getting over the Roman equivalent of the M25. You might be able to follow it and then pick up the Via Portuense. We're still talking tedious urban riding, but compared to the alternatives it's not too bad (trust me on this one).

I've not ridden the Via Aurelia into/out of Rome. You can check it on Google Streetview (I'd strongly advise using it to check any route you're considering) it's a four-lane dual carriageway - not awful, awful, but not desperately attractive. So far as I know, bikes can use it, but best to check using Google Streetview (look for no-bikes signs at junctions where other roads join it).

Other possible options to think about: either follow minor roads to the Lago di Bracciano, or stay in Ostia/Fiumicino/Fregene and start there, or if it's a weekend, take the metro out from Piramide to Lido di Ostia. There are also trains - but you'd need to check the timetables to make sure you get one that is equipped to take bikes.

Some links that might be useful:

Comune di Roma (Rome City Council)

Map of the cycleways (piste ciclabili)
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Right bank out of the centre, cross to the left bank at the A91.
... and then the cycleway ends at the GRA (the Roman equivalent of the M25 that I referred to) and a knot of fairly horrible roads (believe me I've ridden some of them). I wish it continued on to Ostia but sadly it doesn't - hopefully it will do one day.

When I tried to find a route through here it looked like the options were to take the Via della Magliana and/or the Via Portuense (the bit of this that I rode near Fumicino was fine, but looking at Google Streetview it gets busier as you get into town).

I didn't know that also works for Italy but I'm pretty impressed: I'd use it to plot a route to the Lago di Bracciano and from there to Civitavecchia via Tolfa.
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I know that the annual ciemmona (sort of giant critical mass) in Rome does a ride Rome to Ostia but I don't know the route - I have seen a bit of youtube which does though show them on a stretch of what looks like a large busy road - perhaps they rely on weight of numbers for safety.
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