Cycling mags; when will I learn?


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When I was working in the UK, many moons ago, a girl in my office came in one day with a magazine dedicated to soaps, ie Corrie etc.
I also recall one dedicated to mobile phones/pagers - I'm sure there are many publications for this now.
I did used to get a monthly mag on scuba diving, nice to read I guess, but that hobby has long gone for me.
As for cycling, any old klunker will do me. Speed - just enough to stop from falling over. I'm obviously not the targeted audience :laugh:


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I'd like to see an article questioning the effectiveness of helmets and pointing out that the head injury problem didn't exist till they were invented.
"Cold day in hell" springs to mind. There seems to be a journalist union rule about this.

This sort of dishonesty adds up to my negative view of the profession in general :-(

( A writer in Cyclist did once make a risky reference to The Company Line during a ride report - reading between the lines, he wasn't keen on the mag insisting on helmets for all photos and articles.)
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My wife brought me a subscription to a cycling mag, it was a nice gesture and I thanked her but also told her to look at the prices inside haha.

If I need shoes I get what’s in my budget and more importantly what’s comfortable, same with all my kit really, I buy things out of season so it’s cheaper and it’s usually a few seasons out of date as well.
I stopped reading mags after one comparison between a hub-geared an a derailleur bike, in which the Hubbie couldn’t keep up with the chain-bender, because... not as efficient, weight bla-de-bla.
No mention of the rider‘s mass or fitness then?
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