Cycling related companies promoting cycling generally. Why don't they?


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The myriad of cycling related companies out there must spend fortunes on adverts for the latest gimmick helmet, day glo sticker, power drink, power brake and so on. None seem to actually promote cycling however. Magazine articles show fit men on three grand bikes in the mountains as a must buy and yet are useless on the day to day shop run or commute. If these giants of cycles and cycling products put as much in to actually promoting cycling as a viable way to get about I can't help thinking the infrastructure might be better thought out when they put down more tarmac for yet more cars.

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Interesting question.

My guess is that money spent improving cycling conditions by one company would benefit all bike makers. If there was one dominant manufacturer that might not matter, but I can't see Specialized for example being prepared to do something that would benefit Trek and Cannondale.


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It’s really not the job of cycle makers to promote cycling in general is it? Although they would benefit from it. I guess there’s a spin off from brands that show cycling in the wider context with family or specific groups using their products.
Government obviously help with cycle lanes and organisations like Transport for London providing support.
Transport infrastructure is already in place and therefore can only be tinkered with to make it better for cycling.


One company, which hasn't the best of reputations, actually presented a trophy cup to our club and I know to several other clubs. Our "Halfords Cycle Cup" is still presented every year for a particular time trial result.
I think we were given the cup in 1925!

And I believe the BBAR was actually instigated by Cycling Magazine - also a few years ago.
Cycling is best promoted by councils, government and cyclists and cycling interest group. Look at the Netherlands and some of the European countries. See the video below. Its cycling across the demographics. See the bike handling skills. Its a way of life that people have to determine. Profit motivated companies need to pay their workers and to get the rewards for risking their capital and their time. They however feed into the eco-system.



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It's a good question, and it's not only the mainstream magazines that push the "3 fit men on several grand bikes" image.

Disappointingly, even the magazine of Cycling UK, (they who are supposed to champion mass cycling for all), have a kit reviews page that's all outrageusly expensive and over complicated tech, like a 200 quid bar bag with a solar panel for charging your electronics, a shiny anodised 80 quid pump or a titanium bottle holder. All toys, nothing utility or day to day useful.

They get paid to feature these things i guess.


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None seem to actually promote cycling however.
People who come under the umbrella of 'cyclists' partake in a very wide range of activities with differing and sometimes opposing wishes and requirements.
I suppose cycle shops can only be expected to promote activities of the group most likely to provide them with the best return, which is likely to be cycle sport.


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As do people who are classed as 'drivers'. Yet there are massive organisations, rights groups that get want they want.
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