cycling shorts - embarrassing question only to be asked at online forum!


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so here's a question about lycra cycling shorts that nobody would actually ask someone face-to-face, so I'm making good use of an internet forum site!

I have several pairs of lycra cycling shorts and I have the same problem with all of them - my pubes poke through the lycra which isn't a good look!!! I'm forever paranoid about this on club runs etc. Is this normal? Or do I have weird pubic hair?

I thought it was mainly women that shave this region - are men doing that too these days?

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Time to get the clippers out lol


I'm sure it is, but I've never had a problem with the seamless pants and they soak the sweat up too

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I am taking a shot in the dark here, but I am guessing the problem is either stiff pubic hair or cheap shorts.
My primary belief would be that it is a cheaper pair of shorts, and the fabric is thin enough for your pubic hair to push through, a solution would be to get a more expensive pair.

I don't think trimming would be a solution because then all you do is stiffen the hair and it would be able to push through even more easily.
Try wearing shorts which are a closer match to your hair colour.


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If you do shave, you'll need to keep doing it every couple of days for the rest of your cycling life. Get some expensive shorts with compression weave fabric or whatever. Underpants soaking up sweat is not something I like the sound of, I want that moisture wicked away not held against my skin by my undies, otherwise the saddle sore bumps would be poking through along with the pubes.

Chicks love that shaved Johnson look though. Apparently.
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