Cyclist Down Bricklayers Arms Roundabout Today

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Passed at 0445 on way to Elephant from Tower Bridge.Three cars had stopped.People from cars milling round and cyclist looked in bad way...Car drivers rubbernecking.

Folding bike coming from Old Kent road direction where the lights are...towards Elephant.

I hope he is alright but it did not look good at all.:sad:

Ambulance was already there.As I cycled off towards Elephant after a little walk as I was quite upset a few cop cars and another ambulance were coming from the Elephant and Castle direction.Didn't think I should be there as the ambulance crew were assisting others were there.I would have if needed.

Anybody have any info? Cheers.

Thanks to the Police Ambulance and others who do such a sterling service for people in their hour of need.

Posted here.Please move if it's in the wrong place.Thanks.
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