Cyclist hit by Range Rover doing blind overtake.


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BBC report.

Incident happened on A81 near Balfron in Stirlingshire. Some utter lowlife in a Range Rover overtaking on a blind bend hit a cyclist and didn't bother stopping. Why is it that these clowns never seem to have head on collisions with a fully laden artic coming in the opposite direction? Now that would be karma, assuming no harm done to the poor lorry driver.
Yesterday I did my first long-ish drive since the coronavirus thing kicked off. The amount of sheer nobbery going on on the roads was gob-smackingly bad; much worse than I remember from 3 months ago. What has got into people in the last 3 months? The general selfishness which was glaringly obvious before, has multiplied ten fold - and not just on the roads.
Sometimes I want to go back to full lockdown and just lock myself away from the feckwits. :sad:


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Appalling, good reason to have a camera.


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There are some idiots on the road. I've only done 1 x 100 mile drive (coast and back) early on a cold windy Sunday morning, and it was quiet - that was 6 weeks ago. Traffic busy locally, but the amount of engine screaming says no police nor enough traffic to slow the idiots.


The write up seems a bit confusing.
- Refers to a head-on incident with a range rover
- He is not thought to have suffered serious injuries. (but was found unconscious!)

Hopefully the Range Rover will be found and the full facts revealed.

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The Fekwits do seem to have taken over the roads this year!

Before lunch I walked past the aftermath of a serious collision just a couple of blocks from my house. 3 cars involved, scattered across the road with heavy damage and airbags gone off. At least a dozen emergency vehicles (all 3 in attendance) and looked like 50 personnel dealing with the scene and surrounding traffic management, very resource consuming.
Judging by the damage and vehicle positions I would hazard a guess that at least one of the vehicles was travelling at 50mph or more. It's a 30 limit road past a row of shops and with side roads!
I didn't get a chance to look too closely (and didn't want to) but the 3 cars seemed to be a BMW, a Mercedes c class and an Astra GTC. Typical fekwit cars IME.


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Yes, having a video of your demise is really going to make you feel so much better.
My bike isn't equipped with front & rear cameras to make me feel better about my demise, it's to make it more difficult for my killer to escape justice or avoid an insurance payout to my widow.

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I cycle the roads in the Balfron area quite a bit. During lockdown, there was very little traffic initially but a lot of what remained were taking advantage of the empty single track roads to go rallying. After a couple of weeks, the back roads filled up with younger people driving into the country to meet up with their mates - these included a lot of the boy/girl racer types who drove like nutters and the abuse of cyclists started up again. It's been back to normal levels for weeks now but a lot of people are still driving like the roads are empty.


Makes perfect sense to have a camera fitted to the bike. :okay:

I cycle there from time to time and thought we were going to be hit head on from a driver deliberately coming at us but it turned out he was coming round a bend looking for something in his cab and the car drifted over almost entirely on to our side of the road. :eek:


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I live very close to a blind corner on a 30mph limit and see someone overtaking on it daily.

It's a joke I have seen, witnessed and been a victim of accidents here and no one learns, speeds people are doing are totally not acceptable either.
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