Cyclist on Cyclist aggro.

A nob ed is a nob ed regardless of whether they walk cycle drive etc


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Agreed but they could just as easily connected as the inside rider went right to move around the car & the foot off pedal was to regain balance


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Shocking behaviour but a sign of the society we live in these days.
The report underneath the video makes it quite clear the police are looking for anyone who was also threatened or assaulted by the suspect. I would imagine that they must have a reason for this, possibly including statements from the other cyclist and/or some of the passers-by.

Sometimes even one of us saintly cyclists can be a nasty a*sehole.


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Who knows why this happened but as has been said it's not clear he was kicked (a person will always claim the worst if they are considered the victim) and was there any aggro prior to this stretch of road?


That looked sore, what an erse. I know we can't know what went on in the run up to this but I'm struggling to think of any justification for that.
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