Death of the Aluminium Wheel????????


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Evening all,

I cannot for the life of me find any 40mm 700c aluminium wheels/rims, every variation of a google search goes straight to carbon!:banghead: is this death of the deep rim ally wheel? :sad:

I have a small budget of £200 Max.

Can anyone help?



Why is 40 so important to you?

Best I can do without bothering to Google is campagnolo scirocco 35 which come in under 200 And are apparently ok. Or shimano rs31 are 30 mm rims.


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Superstar Components. Good wheels at great prices.


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I think with evolution of disc brakes, more and more carbon options will be hitting the lbs shelves in the very near future

So the OP could well be right


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I bet they said the same about frames too....
Frame are a little different to wheels, lots of people wont use carbon wheels due to heat and stopping issues,with disc brakes those issues are no longer a problem, so it opens up a whole new market
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