Decathlon self adhesive patches....any good??


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I note there are plenty of CC members recommending Park patches.but..........
can any one comment on the Decathlon ones??
Reason I ask is there dont seem to be any local stockists of the Park ones and there is a Decathlon 5 minutes away.


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IME, I've never had a problem with any self seal patch so long as i do the sandpaper and minute squeeze thingy. I grab mine from Halfords, wilko, pound shop, whereever... the only time they've let me down is when hastily applied.


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I bought lezyne after reading reviews. Emergency use only, I don't repair tubes. They were only 3 or 4 quid and they go with my Lezyne lights, pump and bottle cages :wub:
I use them with no problems. Just make sure you give the tube a really good scraping with scraper. You really need to rough up the surface and break up the glaze to get good adhesion.
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