Dedicated turbo bike - any pointers?

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  1. JhnBssll

    JhnBssll Über Member

    I used the turbo with Zwift quite succesfully last winter but got annoyed having to lock and unlock bikes and swap wheels around; the plan this year is to keep the turbo set up permanently so I've bought an old Giant SCR 2.0 and am now upgrading it slightly to 11 speed. As it stands my setup will be as follows:

    Tacx Vortex smart trainer
    PC with ANT+ dongle, 24" display and speakers
    Zwift account
    Giant SCR 2.0 aluminium framed road bike
    23mm Tacx trainer tire
    2x11 upgrade and saddle/stem change to mimic my other road bikes
    Big wall mounted fan!

    Are there any other mods or upgrades I should be considering for the bike or turbo setup? For example are the sweat covers worth having? I've used carbon bikes on the trainer in the past so haven't been too concerned about corrosion but it's potentially more of an issue with a cheaper bike made from less exotic materials :laugh:

    I'm limited in space in the garage so can't get a bigger screen but any other pointers, hints, tips or photos of your setups will be gladly received :okay: TIA!
  2. bobinski

    bobinski Guru

    Tulse Hill
    Apart from replacing the Vortex with say a Kickr core all looks good to me.
    I don’t bother with sweat covers. The large fan I have blows on my upper body and seems to blow most of the sweat away. I do have good quality bar tape fwiw and occasionally wipe the bike down.
    WiFi or hardwired. If former consider, if possible, power line adapters.And join the CC Zwift group when you register on Zwift power
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  3. CXRAndy

    CXRAndy Veteran

    Upgrade the trainer, put some towels over handlebars and get a bigger or another fan . everything else is fine.

    I'll have my new setup complete next week, here is stage one

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  4. OP

    JhnBssll Über Member

    Cheers, upgrading the trainer is on the horizon but I can't justify it yet, besides I've had pretty good results with the Vortex to date and I don't intend to do any racing etc where accurate power is important.

    I guess I'll just adapt it as and when needed :okay:
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  5. OP

    JhnBssll Über Member

    I've got the bike built now, it needs some tweaking but that will have to wait until my leg has healed as I'm not allowed to cycle until the stitches come out in 10 days time. I'm quite pleased with it, pretty good spec for the money I spent and it's quite light for an ally frame, tipped the scales at 9.8kg :smile:


    I'm collecting a Tacx tablet mount for the bars tomorrow from Halfords, on offer at £23. Last year I used my phone to run the companion app but I didn't own the tablet then, makes sense to use the bigger screen and have it mounted to the bike.

    Anyway here's my setup so far. I'd like to have the fan closer but realistically until I move and get a bigger garage thats the best I can do :laugh: I've got a USB extension cable and power extension to sort tomorrow to get power and signal to the trainer - last year I just rolled the extension out and wound it in again each time I used it but I don't want any trailing cables if it's going to be left setup longer term.



    The bottom of the two screens is on a moving wall mount, it will be square to the bars and a bit closer when being used for Zwift :okay: A friend suggested a white sheet and a projector which in theory sounds good but I think the fan might screw that up a bit - anyone else using a projector? Maybe projecting on to the back of the roller shutter door if I painted it white? Hmm...

    I must get some bottle cages for the bike too... It came with two fitted but they don't match and are a bit scruffy - new ones are so cheap it seems a shame to refit the scabby ones :laugh:

    I've just renewed my Zwift membership and after a look through the training plans I've decided I'm going to start with the 6wk beginner FTP builder. I'll do my first ever FTP test once the bikes all set up and the turbo calibrated and go from there - quite exciting :okay::laugh:
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