Devon CC Ride - 14th August!


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Devon CC Ride

Would anyone be interested if Chuffy and I sort out a route for some time in August?

Probably starting in Exeter, aiming for 50-ish miles, with a good cake stop en-route.

Updating this now to say - 14th August, 10:00am at Exeter St.David's Station, aiming to set off at 10:30am


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I would be interested, if you'll have me:smile:
Only one cake stop ? i'd be interested

User76 said:
Typical, I am away in France the last two weeks of August, and would be interested earlier in the month, or September if that suits.

I'll keep an eye on the thread. Any chance you could make it as flat as the Somerset ride?
Is vertical the same as flat? :laugh:
This is Devon boy!

No dates fixed yet but we could always do another if people can't make the first one.
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