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Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by junkie_ball, 22 Jan 2017.

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    Ok this question is a little late as we are well into winter but i was on my turbo the other day in the garage (not allowed inside :sad:) when i looked across and saw my other road bike equipped with di2 ultergra this got me thinking should i remove the seat which has the battery in and bring inside for the winter. The garage gets very cold and i know battery life is shortened by the cold. My question is does anyone know if settings will be lost on di2 if the battery is disconnected for a period of time?
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    Battery life (pretty sure the Di2 one is Lithium-ion) is enhanced by storing it around 40% charged and it actually holds charge better at 0 degrees than 20 degrees (see chart in link). Sorry can't answer settings question, but if you accept the above, no point in removing it inside. Worth giving it a bit of a charge every month, perhaps (you can measure output voltage which will determine percentage charge but life's probably too short).
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  3. BorderReiver

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    You must get really bored on the turbo.
  4. OP

    junkie_ball Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info.

    Not to bad kinda just jump on and switch off for an hour or two. Do miss being outside though but when its sheet ice outside i think it's safer to be inside.
  5. Dreamer21

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    Hi I saw your thread and thought it was interesting I was thinking of doing the same but I'm going camping and bringing my di2 bike in the boot so you think I the battery will last for a week? In these current cold temps or shall I wrap a blank around my bike in the boot of my car?
  6. Doesn't everyone?
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