Dirty bike, cream carpet

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by mknash, 7 Aug 2012.

  1. mknash

    mknash Active Member

    Hope this is the most appropriate forum.

    I have just moved into a flat with cream carpets and no safe external storage. How do folks in flats store bikes? More importantly how do you stop them dripping everywhere?

    I have tried a wipe down on getting home, but it still drips. Currently storing the commuter in the bathroom and the off roader on the balcony.
  2. Hip Priest

    Hip Priest Veteran

    I'm lucky enough to have a garage, but my advice would be to get hold of a dark-coloured carpet offcut and put the bike on that.
  3. OP

    mknash Active Member

    wow, a simple yet bloomin good idea! Thanks

    Yes, i miss my garage, three bikes, all my tools and still room to work in there when it was raining
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  4. Sandra6

    Sandra6 Veteran

    What about that plastic mat stuff that old ladies put from the front door down the hall?
    We sell it at work but I have no idea what it's called.
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  5. Drago

    Drago Flouncing Nobber

    Go to your local furniture shop and ask them for a couple of the huge plastic bags that mattresses come in. They'll be only too pleased to get shot of a few.
  6. davefb

    davefb Über Member

    hehe, I miss my other half working in a bed shop.. those pastic bags come in handy for all sorts of stuff..

    Well okay, bbq covers and makeshift tarps under tents , maybe all sorts is stretching it :smile:
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  7. OP

    mknash Active Member

    I have tried plastic bags, not bad for the commuter, but the mtb just drags it up with the tyres at the slightest movement. Maybe those thick ones would be better. Prolly got them at work.

    Thought of the plastic mat stuff, but wrried that drips would just puddle up and run off the sides.. bike dirt as we all know is rather dark and icky.
  8. A couple of Boot trays would have short sides and probably suffice .
  9. BrazingSaddles

    BrazingSaddles Senior Member

    GT85 is amazing at getting marks out of new cream carpets, as I found out today before new landlords popped over to say "hello". Phew.
    Plastic/clear vinyl (hallway runner style strips) would work well. You could maybe build up the sides slightly by putting strips of cardboard, or something, underneath so dirt is contained...??
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