Disappointed with Wessex Connect buses


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Go down to the depot. Putting yourself in their face makes them deal with it (not in an obnoxious sort of way, just a face to a complaint sort of thing) and see what they do.

I've had good results with doing that, and conversely pretty crap results just moaning on the phone or email.


It's a little unfair to be disappointed with the "3rd person" at this stage-after all it is less than a week ago.

They may have a backlog to deal with / understaffed etc. Just follow it up stating the facts about your complaint and that you haven't received a reply (with a question mark and no more than 2 sentences).

One more week without a response then take them to task.


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I'd be tempted to go back & ask who in their head office has the paperwork been filed with & ask for their contact details, so that you can take the matter up with them.


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Why not follow up the email with a phone call? That's what I'd do. At least that will 'personalise' or 'humanise' the complaint.
Emails tend to be cold...and easy to ignore.
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