Do you look young for your age?


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I play chess over the Internet. On your profile you are able to load a photo and I have a head and shoulders shot from when cycling. I played a fast game if chess today (15 mins max for all your moves) and my 35 year old female competitor said I looked young for my age. I thought here we go, but no it was a genuine compliment as we played and she asked if I was vegan. I'm not but have exercised reglarly my whole life. We then discussed other aspects of diet and exercise.

Do you get told you look young for your age, did this happen when you were young, or has that period passed for you? I am certain that the exercise has a lot to do with it. My diet I am not so careful with, though my weight has remained stable for years.


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I was still getting refused service in pubs when I was 30.
Not so much now...

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If I got rid of my beard I'd look young for my age, I'm 67.


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I could not get served in a pub until I was in my 20's
And was still travelling on a student rail card in my 30's
Nowadays I think I'm beginning to look close to my real age
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