1. Hicky

    Look Keo Carbon pedals...Withdrawn

    Not needed as I have spd-sl pedals on other bikes….happy with a swap for decent spd-sl’s or cash….looking at the bay they’re going for £50ish at a guess….am I right audience…?
  2. Sharky

    Look Delta Cleats - taken

    Unused, still in pkt. Came with my bargain peleton shoes at a charity shop. I now use the Keo system so no good to me. Just PM me your details and I will pop them in the post. @Teamfixed
  3. fraz101

    Look Keo Max 2 SOLD

    Look Keo Max 2 Plus postage of your choice
  4. M

    Look Around You

    As the first part of a series in honour of the beloved 1970's school science TV programme, may I present " The Isochrinous Curve." View: https://youtu.be/eBc827pwKf0 Please feel free to contribute the wonderful, mysterious and amazing.
  5. Venod

    CGI and making the old look young.

    The Abba thread mentioned the new music and the video making them look young again, which is a clever thing, but would all people benefit from this? I thought of Keith Richards who seems indestructible, he has more lines than Grand Central Station but it gives him character much more than his...
  6. F

    Why do so many cyclists look like skinny wee junkies?

    I'm relatively new to cycling so I'm not sure if this topic has already been covered on this forum or anywhere else. Anyways, I just caught up with the MTB race at the Olympics and when I saw Tom Pidcock after the finish line, my only thought was "how can this guy be 21?" He looked at least...
  7. GM

    Look Keo Easy pedals (Sold)

    One pair of brand new unused Look Keo Easy pedals £18 posted
  8. W

    More vintage LOOK goodies

    I know, l know, l am just a big kid at heart but my cycling passion is for vintage 1990's era Look steel bikes. And see what l have just added to the collection NOS and all for €50 ....l'm a happy "Look-ista":hyper:
  9. W

    Any old Look bicycle catalogues.

    Not only do l collect vintage steel Look bikes but l also love the catalogues from the !990's especially. If anyone has one or two for sale l would be interested if the price is right ^_^
  10. Juliansou

    Look what I’ve got.....

    Finally taken the plunge & got a ss/fs although I haven’t been brave enough to try fixed yet! Only been out a couple of times due to inclement weather but hoping this will be a nice addition to the stable. I must admit I bought it based in looks! I’ve added a couple of bits & I’m looking...
  11. CanucksTraveller

    Mixed blessings, (or how to look a gift horse in the mouth)

    I found myself blessed with fortune and yet feeling mildly deflated yesterday. I'd pulled out a shopping trolley from the shelter at the supermarket, and there, in a once in a blue moon occurrence, was a sealed half case of house Shiraz staring up at me, clearly paid for by someone but left...
  12. Adam4868

    Look Cleats

    I'm presuming they are....anyone use them/want them ? Drop me a message if you do. Adam
  13. Fab Foodie

    It’s beginning to look not a lot like Christmas....

    Less than 4 weeks to go. Just been into Sainsbury’s and around the town and it really doesn’t seem like it should for the time of year. Ok, clear blue skies and very warm on the seafront, but barely a hint That we are weeks away of from our major festival. In JS, there are mince pies, Stollen...
  14. Sharky

    And I used to look forward to every episode

    One of my favourites when I was 10 View: https://youtu.be/UjHCk7ZD9TA
  15. woodbutcher

    Look bikes catalogues :

  16. M

    Does this look as it should

    Been having issues with indexing my gears, after watching a couple of YouTube videos I followed them exactly as said, and at 1 point I did manage to get it so it selected all gears, however no matter how much I adjusted the barrel adjuster to fine tune it wouldn't stop jumping out of the...
  17. postman

    Advice needed

    I am fed up of ads coming on the computer on everything i look at.Mainly the newspapers. So i am asking about free ad blockers that you lot use,if you do.Can you mention a few.Are they safe and easy to download.Because i am not sure what i am doing.
  18. woodbutcher

    Look 586 pro team

    Can l just throw this open for any views based on experience of this bike. I have couple of steel Looks but have a thing about getting hold of a modern (for me) carbon Look such as this one , a 586 pro team. Thanks in anticipation of some experienced opinions.
  19. Cuchilo

    Today i went to Narnia to look at a window

    Been working on a rather grand house in Richmond and was asked to do a few small jobs that needed attention . They had put a wardrobe in front of a door so the room was hidden ( its a big house ) So hidden i wondered why the customer walked into the old wardrobe ! The room was decked out like...
  20. Zipp2001

    Look who I found in my woods !

    It's been ten days since I took a ride out in the woods. As the heat arrives for summer I tend to ride the road bike a tad more as I enjoy the added heat rising from the pavement. So it was off on a fun filled two and a half hour adventure, and I joined up with a really great riding partner for...
  21. gunja99

    Good phone Mount - Galaxy S7 Edge

    Hi all and happy Friday, I am looking for a decent stem phone mount for my S7 Edge. I do like the look of the quad locks, but unfortunately seems they don't make a specific (or have ceased shipping it) case for the Edge. Seem they do an S7. They do have a "universal" mount, which can stick to...
  22. swee'pea99

    Is there more than one kind of Look cleat?

    My Look cleats are well worn out, so I got some replacements: But they're not working. Basically, they seem too big - not by much, but even a couple of mms means they just won't engage with the pedals. The fact that these are described as 'delta compatible' makes me wonder whether I've...
  23. BianchiVirgin

    Look Keo carbon blade

    Hi all, Does anyone know if the Keo Carbon Blade is servicable? Or economically serviceable if they have to be sent somewhere? Mine have no obvious area where the axle is removable, unlike some versions where it is obvious, eg my basic Keo has a 19mm 'nut on the axle end. I think the Carbon...
  24. gavroche

    You look ridiculous.

    I was just about to go on a ride, all dressed in lycra , jersey etc.... when I said to my wife to possibly expect a delivery when I am out. "What have you ordered ?" she said. "Only some cycling glasses, they look cool." to which she replied; " You will only look even more ridiculous!" By the...
  25. RobinS

    Leather look bar tape recommendations?

    I need new bar tape for my tourer, after the original equipment wore out after about 20,000km. I have fitted a new leather-look Charge Spoon saddle, so want some well-cushioned, long lasting bar tape to match - any recommendations?
  26. woodbutcher

    LOOK marque memorabilia

    I am trying to make a collection of LOOK bikes printed material from the 1960's onwards . Just bought this DVD and brochure off ebay fr. If anyone has a redundant brochure or two which they would sell for a reasonable price , l would love to hear from you...
  27. woodbutcher

    Look 253 first ride.

    Well l finally got the bike set up the way l wanted , ditched the carbon bars and replaced with aluminium , new tape and re wired accordingly. The ride wasn't far about 20km but with a bit of climbing and some fast flat'ish roads. This bike is different from any of my other bikes including the...
  28. jahlive905

    What type of cleats and shoes do I need to look for when buying things compatible with this pedal?

    Question above really but I already own this pedal: https://www.wiggle.co.uk/shimano-m424-spd-pedals/ I want some new cycling shoes and cleats. But what do I need to look for in the description of the shoes and cleats which will ensure they are compatible with my pedals? Many thanks!!
  29. woodbutcher

    LOOK 253 has arrived

    A couple of Photos of the latest arrival , there will be more and questions for those who are kind enough to be interested. I confess that l am excited by the prospect of giving the bike a makeover to my taste !! Yep its the lightest bike l have at the moment , l dunno why that is worthy of...
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