1. grellboy

    Look at this Toss!

    Daily Wanksock today. No disrespect to the deceased - I would be devastated if any on my love ones were to suffer the same fate - but come on, 25 deaths in 7 years ? What's the equivalent amount of deaths caused by cars? To quote the paper itself "When WILL the law crackdown?"
  2. tornadotony

    Look delta Pedals

    Have been well used but still in good condition. £10posted
  3. Reynard

    Look what I found in a box on the loft...

    This! Was a boot sale purchase round about the early to mid 90s when I was really into watching cycling on the telly. Wouldn't have paid more than £1 for it at the time as I was a skint student. Thought I'd given it away at some point as I couldn't find it anywhere, but was looking for...
  4. P

    Look what arrived today from Washington State

    Fine recliner 1 by PaulM posted 1 Sep 2017 at 20:40 Finer recliner 2 by PaulM posted 1 Sep 2017 at 20:40
  5. Tony Raynor

    Look what the bicycle fairy brought me today

    all excited about my new addition, a bottecchia 989 made of Columbus slx. Guessing late eighties to mid nineties. Has some patina but still in reasonable condition for its age. But as we all know, don't always trust the fairies as they left me a stuck seatpost. Oh well, it'll keep me busy...
  6. woodbutcher

    Whats your workshop look like?

    Ok so lm feeling smug....just finished cleaning my workshop/studio. Found a different (for me) way of storing bikes so here are a few photos and some of 1952 magazines ...sort of relevant and l never get tired of reading about Fausto !!
  7. B

    Ignore....superseded by better ad!

    Any single item 13 pounds posted. All items in vgc, no rips in saddle.
  8. swee'pea99

    £1620 to look like a miserable child who's just been told to go to bed NOW!

    I think you could safely say I don't get fashion.
  9. Andrew_Culture

    Look at this cutie I spotted in Ipswich this morning!

    View: https://youtu.be/ve7LS5BbUI4 He wazzed past me and I had trouble catching up! I was expecting some young whipper snapper in the thing for it to be going so fast, but when I caught up there was a fella in there who was older than me!
  10. B

    Freewheel cassette worn but doesn't look it?

    Just swapped my chain for a new one as I hit the 1.0 mark on my chain wear thingy. This freewheel cassette has only seen 1 chain (I replaced them as a pair last time) and visually I certainly thought I would get a few more chains out of this one. But to my utmost surprise i'm skipping badly when...
  11. U

    Look Keo pedals wanted

  12. woodbutcher

    Is this worth a look

    Frame looks quite nice but l don't have any idea if it is worth pursuing ?http://www.ebay.fr/itm/332193591674?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  13. Racing roadkill

    Look at this, just loooooooook at this. I mean, WTAF

    A man was actually riding this, set up like this. :laugh::blink::eek:
  14. Dave7

    Bananas ......... anyone else find there are so many that look fine but are bad inside ?

    We tend to eat lots of bananas. Lately we have found that many of them look & feel firm & healthy but inside lots of them are bad e.g. black (not bruised but black all the way through). We bought a bunch last week-end and over half of them were bad. We buy from a variety of stores so its not...
  15. captain nemo1701

    Look left, right, left again and up!

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-38967235 Has the potential to go nicely pear-shaped. I'll stick to my bike, buses & trains.
  16. chriscross1966

    Swapping out Look PP96 axles

    Hi folks, Does anyone know if there are a set of quick-release axles that will fit the PP96?.... chrisc
  17. biggs682

    Look keo Flex pedals

    I have 2 prs of Look Keo Flex pedals that look like they have never been used other than fitting , but i cant confirm that . Same as these http://www.wiggle.co.uk/look-keo-flex-pedals/ But no cleats included . So looking at the above how does £15 incl postage/myhermes a pair sound to a uk...
  18. postman

    Look what i found.

    I loved these They came with Footie mags.what a memory.
  19. nickyboy

    Would you like to look at my magic carrot?

    Well I'm not sure what you were expecting but here it is... Supermarket giving away misshapes
  20. biggs682

    GT Outpost

    Popped into local auction house on way to work this morning and left a small bid on this. Shall be picking it up on my way home
  21. Willam

    Does this look fitted correctly? Crankset.

    Could someone please check this look fitted correctly, it's the first time I've fitted a whole new drivetrain. Just thinking the gaps between the cranks and the big are big?
  22. tornadotony

    Look Delta Pedals

    2 pairs of Look Delta pedals good condition - some paint chips on white pair. £10 a pair + £3 postage
  23. RichK

    Recommend me a Belgian beer to look forward to

    Apologies in advance for the long tale... A few weeks ago, we had our first ever trip abroad. It involved a change of plane at Brussels. I intended to have my first ever Belgian beer. it went pear shaped (plane delayed) & I didn't get my beer. Two weeks ago, I had a prostatectomy so I'm...
  24. BikeGirlKent

    What do people look for in a Sportive?

    As i have posted previously, I'm new to doing Sportives, want a challenge as I ride a lot! But there are so many around now I've looked into it and wonder what others look for or how you choose which ones to enter? Id like to do a fair few next year to give myself a goal, just interested how...
  25. BlackPanther

    Do my arms look big in this?

    A different look. I don't care, I really don't.
  26. Smokin Joe

    "The Look", Original Version

    Everyone has heard of Lance Armstrong giving Jan Ullrich "The Look" during the Tour de France, by way of intimidation. That was kid's stuff, here is the original "Look" from 1969, Hell's Angel Sonny Barger gives Mick Jagger the evil eye on stage at the ill fated Stones gig at the Altmont...
  27. C

    Look out hills. Here I come.

    I went for an ultrasound on my lower body a few weeks ago, but the only concrete outcome was that I wasn't pregnant. A couple of weeks back and it was a MRI scan. Today, an appointment in a months time for an angioplasty, I believe expansion devices in my leg arteries. If this works then just...
  28. eggman

    Information sought on Look KG386

    After reading the previous thread about insurance: Hello all. trying to establish more about a Look KG386 of which I am the proud owner. It is Hand Made and I believe originates from around 2004, having only covered 50 miles by me, prior to which it was unused. My understanding is that the bike...
  29. alecstilleyedye

    look after your bikes at home folks

    looks like they're not even safe in the house :0 http://www.co-opinsurance.co.uk/mediacentre/announcements/bicycle-theft
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