Do you prefer flat bars or drop bars and why?


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I like Mars bars.


It's one of those horses for courses things as said, some like drops, some like flat bars, some butterfly bars, some are happy on either, some it depends where / how / what riding.

The preference for not sitting so high is a little odd to me, although perhaps you don't ride in traffic? I personally have secondary brake levers on the tops to put me higher when braking in traffic and I prefer if I have to brake hard (I can't get as much force in a hurry with brifters)
I do drive in traffic having a lower bike makes it easier to get off. I try to avoid busy roads though and stick to cycling paths.


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cyberknight said:
drops dodgy shoulder means it doesnt like the rotation of the joint on flats

each to their own, but have never understood this - no rotation of joints if you use bar ends. Most of the time when cruising I use the bar ends on my (almost ten of them) flat bar bikes. Even on the brommie.
Yeah sure, bar-ends put your wrists back in the "right" position - but you've still got a setup where the primary position (where the brake levers are) is wrong. Take the example of a long descent - especially a technical one - the bar-ends would be a sub-optimal position.

I personally prefer drops for a number of other reasons - the larger variety of positions being perhaps the main one. Usually in these threads someone tries to claim that bar-ends give you "just as many positions" as with drops; well those people are plain wrong, dammit!

Do flats give you better "control"? It seems that riders who come from an MTB background think so. But riders from a cyclo-cross or rough-stuff touring background do not. Interpret this data as you see fit .... :P


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Flats so I can enjoy the view.


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Lifelong user of drops, I've never had any trouble seeing where I'm going or enjoying the view.

But I have no idea where the dog is. Have you looked in the dog basket?
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