Do you think Bicycle helmets should be required by law?


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Same here. Although they do seem to be concerned for my safety rather than trying to justify their bad driving. I suppose the logic is; cycle helmets exist, therefore they must be necessary.
If you believe this you didn't pay enough attention at school when they were explaining Venn diagrams.


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I simply don't care, and I'd prefer if people who saw me riding without one didn't care either.
Me too.

On a rainy commute a few weeks ago I had something shouted at me by a cyclist overtaking me. Whilst I thought I had heard him correctly, I did say "Pardon?" and sure enough he repeated his bold instruction:

"You should be wearing a helmet!"​

I sort of wish I'd told him to fark off but replied with, "You should mind your own business" and off he rode.

Seriously, what business is it of anyone else how I ride (within the law)? What goes on in the mind of someone that provokes him to bark commands at a total stranger? The more I think of it, the more I consider this the behaviour of an arrogant, ignorant arse.


Sorry. I didn't know there was a thread already about this but bear I my mind opinions are opinions. It's just about opinions.
If it's 'just about opinions' why make the claims that you did? Do you know the difference between a fact,
A person standing on the pavement watching the Veteran Car London to Brighton run as we cycled past saw fit to yell, 'Where's your helmet?', to which I did reply, 'Where's yours?', but I was going too fast and they probably didn't hear.
Well next time just make sure they hear you, and also go on to explain that they are considerably more at risk of being killed or injured by a motor vehicle than you are. The statisitics are clear, and I've long been an advocate for compulsory helmets for pedestrians.


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I'm not sure what you're getting at. Please explain and use as many diagrams as you feel are necessary, and please, drop the patronising tone.
I'm not sure if it's possible to explain a two circle Venn diagram without being especially patronising.
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