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Armstrong loses the SCA case and is ordered to pay 10 million dollars.


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David Walsh has commented on Twitter that he was pleased for Bob Hamman the SCA boss, 'an honourable man who fought the fight when it wasn't popular'. From what I've read about Hamman and the case, I'm not surprised at the result. He rightly refused to give up, and getting those depositions was key (and not just for this case...). No doubt that Armstrong's legal team will further deplete their client's remaining fortune finding yet more weasly technicalities in an effort to reverse this decision. And SCA are filing further claims against LA and Bob Stapleton.
If rich does not want the book (which he doesn't), do you want it back @Dayvo? Just in case you have nothing to light your fire...or a shoogly table leg.
No thanks, but it was Crax's book anyway.


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It may be unpleasant, particularly for the sport's administrators and leaders, but frankly little or none of it is going to be a surprise.
2 further suspensions reported yesterday:
Alexandr Pliuschin posted a non-negative test for salbutamol in November 2014 while part of the Skydive Dubai Cycling team, and has been suspended by his current team, Synergy Baku Cycling project.
And the bronze medallist from the 2014 Central American and Caribbean Games, Adriana Rojas Cubero, has been sidelined after testing positive for clostebol.

I note that Pliuschin's sanction is not yet on the UCI list, although Cubero's sanction does appear:

And, always one for pointing fingers, I also note that Skydive Dubai is the team of Raffa Chtioui who won Tropical Amissa Bongo last week - and also Vladamir Gusev and Francisco Mancebo. Not a good vibe there...
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