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Vinokourov: “I am very disappointed and angered that this rider could not have understood the basis of our rules and the importance of our ethics.”

Oh, the irony.
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rich p

ridiculous old lush
I'm kind of sad that AS is bowing out this way with a succession of injuries being to blame.
If he'd been nailed for the doper that he is, I'd feel better.
Is that a nasty thing to say?
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It's the knee injury mafia
Don't mock, you don't want them visiting.


Little snippet in Cyclingnews re Boogerd.

As to the bit in bold, he seems to have got it arse about face.

"Boogerd lawyers up
Roompot-Orange directeur sportif Michael Boogerd has entered into talks with the Belgian Cycling Federation after it was announced last week that they had launched an investigation into the former rider. “I didn’t want to go,” he told Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad. “Instead, I hired a lawyer.”
The investigation is looking into Boogerd’s admission in March of last year that
he doped from 1997 until his retirement in 2007. In his confession on Dutch television station NOS, he admitted to using EPO, blood transfusions and cortisone during his career. While Boogerd is Dutch, he lived in Belgium and rode under a Belgian licence.
Boogerd could face a life suspension from the sport if found guilty, but remains defiant and says that he will not discuss others to get a shorter ban. ““The Belgian federation had the same proposal as the Dutch Doping Authority had. I will be suspended for a long period, or I will have to talk about other people. I refuse to do that. I rather be suspended for life,” he told the newspaper .
Boogerd also spot to Holland’s Radio 1 saying that, “I want the uncertainty off I just want to do my job and if that is not possible, I want to know,” before adding, “if I am suspended now for two years, then I will not work for two years. I would certainly appeal that decision.
"I still think that this does not help the sport. People who betray, do it just to better to themselves and not to help the sport move forward.”
The Dutch federation has confirmed that they could give Boogerd a temporary licence so that he could continue working with the Roompot-Orange team."
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