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I'd have thought that the risk of getting punctures was much higher and removing wheels, tyres and replacing tubes etc was much more likely to happen then simply unshipping a chain. Also got to ask, why did the chain unship it self? Sounds like poor maintenance/adjustment in the first place. A little bit of TLC would go a long way to prevent unshipped chains (a stitch in time etc).

Gloves/wet wipes and a splash of water from your water bottle gets most of the dirt off your hands. I've also used grass/leaves in the past to clean my hands.


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I find a piece of twig in the bushes and use that.


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Despite the fact this is just an expensive stick they have sold a shed load. So either cyclists have not been training their loved ones near Christmas or cyclists really do have more money than sense. Good luck to the company selling them, but 'I'm out'.


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My cousin went on the programme a few years ago. Look up The Generating Company. They offered him a lot of money and he went off looking pleased. When I saw him at a family event months later I asked how it had helped his business and he replied that there's a big difference between what happens in the show and reality - the subsequent back of stage discussions had failed and he hadn't got the lolly.


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A solution to something that's not a problem. I have 10 fingers that still seem to work quite well, and they usually come with me everywhere, without adding to extra useless things.


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Look around any or most shops and you will see a very high percentage of goods for sale are not what you need to get through life, this is another item to add to that list, if it creates a bit of wealth and created a few jobs it has done it's job. I call it a buying and selling item rather than a needed useful item.
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