Drago's murder deathkill slaughter massacre panic petrol buying watch!!!


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Well, Friday is the day for click and collect. I loaded Bruce in the car and off we trundled.

The petrol station in the next village had the lemmings queuing out onto the road. I managed to use my XC90 to intimidate my way past the mortal people to get by and continued into town, only to find the petrol station at Tesco was in a similar state.

It's little odds to me personally, as I have a near full tank and if that dries up Mrs D's car is powered by electrons, but it seems the lemmings have heard "please don't panic buy, there is plenty to go round" as "for the love of all thats holy, brim up now before armageddon arrives!" Fools.

Not interested in any political aspect of this, I created this fine thread for you good folk to report back in how the petrol panic buying is up your end.


A variation on the TV thing. I ride a cycle as transport it doesn't affect me. Sorry I couldn't resist. 😁


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Tesco Favell was rammed at 06:45 this morning. I only fill up once a month, unless going away anywhere, so it was my normal 'fuel up' event. Last month, same time, a couple of builders vans and one other car.

How can you 'panic buy' fuel. One tank full and a can is about it..


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I don't fill up much, but i am low. I refuse to bow down to the rat race and go panic buy however...

I'd rather go without.


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South Manchester
Huge queue at my local Tesco this morning, I quite need a top up but will take a chance on leaving it til Sunday morning :rolleyes:
Oh great, Portwood ?

My car is empty (has been for 2-3 weeks), MrsF has half a tank. Better be fuel available for next weekend's MTB weekend though. I'll pedal to work again !


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We have to remember that some people have to have fuel in order to get to work.
e.g. carers and nurses etc etc that visit people in their homes

I have never actually NEEDED a car to get to work but for about 3 years getting there without would have involved a train and then a bus - and the first bus of the day got to Denbigh (where I worked) too late by about 10 minutes. It would be about a 2 hour journey assuming it all went to plan and the bus wasn't full

Other people simply cannot get to work without a car - or need a car for their work. The bloke next door is worried as he runs a property maintenance company and all his works need a van - which needs fuel.

We will be OK - tank is half full which will allow about 3 trips to see grandkids - and if that becomes a problem then their Dad's car runs on magic as long as he remembers to plug it in.
But we do need to consider others

Having said that I bet some of the people queuing onto the roads round here just NEED petrol because they do not want any inconvenience to their important lifestyle - they can just 'get lost' (other terms are available)


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I noticed a few more cars than normal last night at my local filling station...odd ? i thought.
No big queue, just a few more cars than i expected.
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