Driver tried to get me to crash into the back of his car.


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On the entrance to Tesco I was cycling in the 'Ahead only' lane at about 8-10mph. A car in the 'Left turn lane' undertook me, cut me up to pull into the lane I was in. The driver then saw me put my arm up (no fingers) took a dislike at me questioning his driving and thought slamming on his breaks was a good idea as I might hit the back of his car and hurt myself. (This would not be the first time that someone has tried this) When the driver opened his window he said "Are you farking stupid"

I did not help the situation by gesturing at him and I don't think I will do so again.
I'm not going to report this as I don't think anything could be done as it was on private land.
The only reason I told him he was on camera and not to do anything silly was because I had a feeling he was going to either get out of the car and attack me or run me over.



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i'd report it anyway. it's dangerous driving and at the very least the cops may have a word, cause a bit of embarrassment when they turn up on his doorstep.


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I had that with a learner bus driver last week . Annoying as I was drafting the bugger at the time .


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100%, without question, report this idiot. He probably felt very high and mighty in the security of his metal box. I'm a driver too, as are probably the majority of people on here, which gives us a bit of perspective on the car v bike situation, but this behaviour is unjustifiable in any way or from any perspective.


The video is clear. I would report.


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The ownership of the land is irrelevant. It is who has access to that land at the time that determines whether it was a 'public place' or not.

This was a public place, i would suggest a deliberate attempt to dismount you is dangerous driving,with a possible S4a POA offence thrown in. Report it, and quickly.


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I would report it as it's such clear evidence of what he tried to do- he may well have history of being a c*ckwomble and is very close to causing someone serious damage so would be good to have your experiences recorded.
Well done for not knocking off his wing mirror by accident though :okay:
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